Irbis Sucralose with chromium - tablets

Irbis Sucralose with chromium - tablets

Irbis Sucralose with chromium - tablets

1 tablet is equivalent to 1 sugar cube; contains organic chromium.

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Form: Tablets
Quantity: 110 or 500 tablets 110 tablets500 tablets
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Low-calorie sweetener based on sucralose

Made from sugar. Tastes like sugar. But it is not sugar.

  • quality alternative to sugar 
  • new generation sweetener
  • do not cause dental caries 
  • are suitable even for weight loss diets 
  • ideal for baking and cooking

What is sucralose?
Sucralose is a new low-calorie sweetener used in different products from beverages to baked products. It is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar but because it does not metabolise in the human body, it does not supply any calories to the body.

Tastes like sugar
Sucralose is made from sugar and tastes like sugar. The consumer will not notice any unpleasant aftertaste when consuming a drink or food sweetened with sucralose. The onset of sweet taste after consumption is quick and very pleasant. 

Stable even at higher temperatures
Sucralose is very stable and keeps its sweetness even at high temperatures and therefore it is ideal for cooking, baking, preservation and pasteurisation. 

Suitable even for diabetics
Table sweeteners based on sucralose do not have any effect on the use of glucose, metabolism of carbohydrates, production of insulin or absorption of glucose and fructose and therefore they are suitable for diets of people with diabetes of first or second type. 

IRBIS sucralose with chromium, refill packaging

500 tablets

  • refill packaging in a sealable plastic jar
  • with chromium for the maintenance of the normal glucose level in the blood
  • more economical than a product packed in a dispenser
  • highly stable sweetener made from sugar
  • less calories
  • dissolves in hot as well as cold drinks 


Nutritional values 

in 1 tablet


1,3 kJ (0,3 kcal)


0 g

– of which saturated fatty acids 

0 g


74 mg

– of which sugars 

74 mg


4,3 mg


0 g


3 µg (7,5 %)*

*reference intakes


1 tablet of sweetener is equivalent to 1 sugar cube.