MaxiVita Multivitamin

MaxiVita Multivitamin

Complex protection of the organism
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Form: Tablets
Quantity: 30 tablets

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One tablet contains 100 % of the recommended daily dose of ten important vitamins. Vitamins contained in tablets generally improve the state of health; have positive influence on skin health, stimulate erythropoiesis, and are important for the correct functioning of the heart and the nervous system. It is recommended that everyone should take these vitamins particularly in winter and early spring season, when there is general deficiency in vitamins contained in our diet. Regular intake of vitamins is especially recommended to the so called risk groups including women taking hormonal contraception, teenagers, old people, smokers, alcohol consumers, athletes and people exposed to physical strain or those on a diet.

Food supplement - tablets with vitamins. No added sugar. Suitable also for diabetics.


Active ingredients

in 1 tablet and % *RI


0,05 mg (100 %)

Vitamin B1

1,10 mg (100 %)

Vitamin B2

1,40 mg (100 %)

Vitamin B6

1,40 mg (100 %)

Vitamin B12

2,50 ųg (100 %)


16,00 mg (100 %)

Pantothenic acid

6,00 mg (100 %)

Folic acid

0,20 mg (100 %)

Vitamin C

80,00 mg (100 %)

Vitamin E

12,00 mg (100 %)

*RDA - recommended daily allowance

Energy value in 1 tablet: 5,859 kJ (1,406 kcal), ve 100 g: 732,4 kJ (175,77 g)


Recommended dosage: Adults and children from 12 years 1 tablet daily after a meal. Not intended for children under 12 years. Not suitable for pregnant women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. This product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.

Quantity: 30 tablets

Licences and recommendation: Registered by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic as a food supplement.