Detoxification, digestion and neutralising acids

Detoxification (or detox for short) removes toxic substances from our body. What can help for sure are herbal extracts, for example milk thistle, chlorella or aloe vera. Thanks to our food supplements you can also neutralise acids in your organism or help it after excessive consumption of food and alcohol with our product Revival.
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Detoxification removes toxic substances from our body. These toxic substances can damage our health and different functions of our body. Of course our organism has self-cleaning abilities, which are secured mainly by liver and kidneys, but it needs our cooperation as well. Very useful are for example various active ingredients, mainly herbs, which have been used for thousands of years, such as milk thistle, chlorella, aloe vera or nettle. You can add them to your body for example through food supplements, which can have several forms. We offer tasty drinks, which can be prepared from effervescent tablets, but also classic swallowable tablets containing herbal extracts. For making the right environment in the body we recommend MaxiVita mineral mixture for neutralising acids in the organism, after excessive consumption of hard to digest food and alcohol you can use our product Revival. Another product, which can be used, is classic soda in the form of powder or tablets.