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Every one has to drink, our body needs water necessarily. Your drinking regime can be enriched with vitamins and minerals thanks to our effervescent tablets MaxiVita and Revital or powder drink OvoCé.
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Every one of us has to replenish liquids, our organism needs water for many activities – regulation of body temperature, maintenance of the correct functioning of kidneys and also for the optimal blood density, as well as for delivering oxygen-bearing cells to the tissues and bringing energy to your muscles or removing waste from the body. It is just important to drink and keep the drinking regime. It is suitable to add vitamins and minerals to the drinking regime, because they are beneficial to our body as well. The excellent choice are for example powder drinks OvoCé, which are suitable for the whole family and offer pleasant and tasty refreshment in combination with vitamins. Another option can be effervescent vitamin drinks MaxiVita or Revital, during winter you will surely appreciate MaxiVita Hot drinks with vitamins and herbal extracts.