Musculoskeletal system

To really enjoy doing exercise, it is necessary to think of increased needs of our body. And it is not only about enough intake of energy (nutrients), but also vitamins and minerals. You can cover these needs easily with our food supplements including quality joint nutrition.
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A very popular mineral substance connected with doing exercise is magnesium. But we need also calcium. Without magnesium, there would be no energy, which means no motion. Thanks to food supplements from VITAR, you can take it regularly in different forms – one-use sachets (stick pack), effervescent tablets or classic swallowable tablets. We also have to deal with overloaded joints. The basic cornerstone for healthy joints is healthy cartilage, which is kind of a cushion. Like the car needs oil for smooth and troublefree functioning, even cartilage requires its „lubricant“ in the form of suitable joint nutrition. It contains for example glucosamine or chondroitin, healing substances which are used by osteoarthritis, or collagen, which is the basic cornerstone of all connective tissues. All these active ingredients are contained in MaxiVita Exclusive Joint Nutrition, and several types of collagen can be found in MaxiVita Kolagen Forte+.