Vitar Veterinae ArtiVit Forte - powder

Vitar Veterinae ArtiVit Forte - powder


Vitar Veterinae ArtiVit Forte - powder

Contains a complex of substances important for joint nutrition and regeneration.
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Form: Powder
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Chondroprotektivum for dogs and cats

A reliable combination of active substances including a pain suppressant. Preventively for older animals from 4th year, therapeutically after orthopedic surgeries, diagnosed dysplasia of joints and painful manifestations of the locomotive apparatus.

Vitar Veterinae Artivit Forte contains a complex of substances important for joint nutrition. Compared to the syrup, the powder contains a higher amount of active substances.

Powder form allows trouble-free usage in a long-term therapy. Both dogs and cats tolerate it very well. Powder can be mixed with common diet or with water.

Contained substances create 5 basic effect mechanisms:
1. Nutrition of joint and joint capsule (Glucosamine sulphate 2KCl and chondroitin sulphate)
2. Anti-inflammatory effect (MSM – methylsulphonylmethane)
3. Joint and joint capsule lubrication (hyaluronic acid)
4. Regenerate damaged cartilage (Hydrolysed collagen)
5. Pain relief (boswelia serrata)


Active ingredientsin 4 g (one teaspoon)
Glucosamine sulphate 750 mg
Chondroitin sulphate 300 mg
MSM 400 mg
Hydrolyzed collagen 2480 mg
Boswellia serrata extract 20 mg
Hyaluronic acid 10 mg
Vitamin C 40 mg


Recommended dosage:

  • Small and medium-sized breeds of dogs up to 20 kg - 1 teaspoon daily
  • Medium and large breeds of dogs 20 kg - 40 kg  -  2 teaspoons daily
  • Large and giant breeds of dogs over 40 kg – 60 kg  -  3 teaspoons daily
  • Cats   -   ½ of a teaspoon daily

One teaspoon means one heaped teaspoon.

When to serve preventively:
To older dogs and cats from  4th - 5th year, also always to big and heavy dog breeds, during regular physical activity (canicross, agility etc.), to quickly growing puppies and in the case of animal obesity. Serve in three-month treatments with monthly breaks.

When to serve therapeutically:
Always after surgical orthopedic surgery, diagnosed with dysplasia of joints, osteoarthritis, etc. In painful manifestations of the locomotive apparatus. Serve permanently.