We help fulfill your resolutions: Drinking regime as a part of a healthier life

15. 2. 2017

Do you belong among the people, who set New Year’s resolutions? Or do you just want to change something in your life and have it healthier and more active? Then you can read our New Year’s series of articles, which goes on with an article about drinking regime – an important part of our everyday life. When and how much should we drink? What is good for us and what is harmful?

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The human body is made of water from up to 75 %. Already just this number shows, how the liquids and their replenishing are important for us. The organism needs water for many activities: regulation of body temperature, maintenance of the correct functioning of kidneys and even the optimal density of the blood.  As well as for supplying tissues with oxygen and bringing energy to muscles or removing waste from the body.

The lack of liquids may cause that you feel unconcentrated, dizzy, tired, you may have headaches and your efficiency is getting worse, it can also have an impact on your skin etc. So undoubtedly, the liquids are vital for the correct functioning of our organism. It is one of the basic factors of a healthier life to have a proper and correct drinking regime.

Drinking regime: think of the quantity and frequency

So that our body works well, it is important to provide a balance between the intake and expenditure of liquids. Generally it is recommended to drink around 40 ml of liquids per 1 kg of body weight, which means for example that someone who weighs 80kg needs 3,2 liters. If it seems to you a lot of water, then think of the fact, that you need to include into this intake also liquids taken with food, which means fruit, vegetables, soups etc.

Apart from the quantity of liquids, which we should take, it is also important, that we drink evenly during the day in smaller quantitites. And we should not include alcoholic beverages, coffee or black tea, which, on the contrary, dehydrate our body. We also have to think of the fact, that even during the night there is a decrease of water. This results into the morning dehydration, which we should solve with liquids replenishing after we wake up.

The lack of liquids is manifested by the feeling of thirst, which we should try to forgo.  Thirst is a forced signal of dehydration and the sign of stress, which can be avoided by drinking water regularly and before we feel the first signs of thirst. Because we also do not start breathing just at the moment when we gasp for breath...

drinking regime

What should we drink?

The organism has a higher demand for liquid intake naturally in situations, when it spends a lot of liquids itself, which means for example during increased physical activity (sport, but also demanding job, household chores etc.). You will also need more water, if you eat salty, sweet and fatty foods. And when we are talking about food, we have to mention another important information – you should always drink during eating food, because if you drink heavily afterwards, you can carry away digestion enzymes and reduce the ability to digest.

Suitable drinks are for example fresh water, mineral water, fruit and herbal teas, in lower quantities also mixed fruit juices.

It is good to add the intake of vitamins and minerals to the drinking regime as well, because they are also beneficial for our body. An excellent choice are MaxiVita effervescent vitamin drinks or Revital effervescent drinks.

Not suitable are fizzy soft drinks full of sugar, alcoholic beverages or coffee and milk, which belong rather to the category of food than drinks and we can not include them into our drinking regime.