Irbis sweeteners help reduce or completely remove sugar from your diet

8. 2. 2017

Do you try to reduce or completely remove sugar from your diet in the new year?  No matter if you want it for yourselves or you just have to do it, the solution is simple – you can rely on modern Irbis sweeteners produced in our Tišnov plant! All products under Irbis brand are modern table sweeteners offering solution for all, who are looking for a good quality substitute for sugar.

It is said, that our resolutions should be realizable and that we should fulfill them gradually. If your resolution is reducing sugar, but you can not imagine your life without sweets, then there is an ideal solution – Irbis sweeteners. You can choose sweeteners on the basis of sucralose, saccharin and aspartame in different forms – in tablets, powder mixture or granulated powder. Just look at our offer of sweeteners here.

Irbis presents new generation of sweeteners, which are suitable even for diabetics, weight loss diets or people, who reduce sugar in their diets. The bonus of these sweeteners is, that they do not increase the energy of sweetened food and drinks dramatically  and they are highly sweet  already in small quantities  – which means that you do not have to give up the satisfaction of sweet taste and your energy intake will stay low.