Let’s go skiing! And what should you not forget? Vitamins!

11. 1. 2017

There is a lot of snow in the mountains right now and many people are going to enjoy it. No matter what your plans are – either skiing or cross-country skiing, you should think of quality equipment and also thermal underwear, but also suitable vitamins and minerals, which will help you with replenishing of needed substances and also with your protection. Do not forget, that you need more energy than usual, when you go skiing, and that winter is able to cause anything. But you can keep calm, we will help you!

It is obvious, that you take ski, poles, boots and adequate winter clothes when you go skiing. But you should take also vitamins and other food supplements with you. If you stress your body, it needs a higher intake of specific substances and therefore it will thank you for those. What will help you in the mountains?


You will definitely appreciate energy supply when skiing. Fortunately enough, there is our product Energit Grape Sugar, enriched with five basic vitamins or Energit Dextrose Sport. Our ideal packagings will fit into every pocket and together with the dextrose, the quickest source of energy, you will also get the vitamin C (Energit Dextrose Sport Vitamin C), or magnesium together with vitamins B1 and B6 (Energit Dextrose Sport Magnesium), which are substances, which will help you during skiing.


Muscles and magnesium go together, magnesium moreover reduces tiredness and fatigue. So this is your perfect friend in the mountains. You can use it in the form of tasty drink thanks to effervescent tablets MaxiVita Magnesium + B6, which will help you even with your drinking regime, which you should also bear in mind. You can even use tablets MaxiVita Exclusive Magnesium Forte+, which are enriched with vitamins, or a modern stick-pack MaxiVita Magnesium 400 mg – a practical sachet, which fits anywhere and which you can only empty into your mouth without any need to drink it down with water.

Hot drinks

There is nothing better than to warm yourself up a little bit during the day or after whole day skiing. And when there is an excellent hot drink with a perfect taste MaxiVita Hot Drink with natural extracts and vitamin C and zinc, which boost the immune system, then it is a perfect match, which you will simply enjoy!


Are very stressed during skiing and therefore even they will thank you for an adequate care. It is good to warm them up a little bit, for example in the sauna or with the help of warming cushions. A long-term help with their nourishment offer the joint nutrition containing substances such as glucosamine, chondroitin or collagen. These substances are familiar to joints, but their production decreases with getting older. Also an excessive overload of joints has a negative influence. It is recommended to take joint nourishment, which contains also boswellin or vitamin C, for a longer period of time and also during skiing.

VITAR offers three products with joint nourishment under its brand MaxiVita: MaxiVita Premium Joint Nutrition, MaxiVita Exclusive Kolagen Forte+ and MaxiVita Exclusive Joint Nourishment.