New Year’s Body Detox will help. How can you do it?

3. 1. 2017

Sweets, sandwiches, heavy meals, but also sugar-sweetened or alcoholic beverages. All these things are connected with the end of the year, because it is really hard to resist all the tempting food and drinks during Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. However, all this food can have negative consequences and can lead to acute or long-term problems. And therefore it is suitable to help the body after holidays a little bit. How to do it? It is time to start with the New Year’s body detox!

You probably recalled already during holidays the good old friend, which is suitable after consumption of heavy meals and alcoholic beverages and which help practically immediately. We are talking about our product Revival, which is able to neutralise the acids thanks to the contained basic substance (sodium bicarbonate), and therefore it is recommended to use just in case of digestion problems. It helps with the digestion of hard to digest meals, reduces the acidity of gastric juices and replenishes liquids. Revival is good to have always at hand, however now after holidays it is better to look for something, that can help with the body detox. Thanks to this detox, you will get more energy and it will help you overcome the tiredness. A proper detoxification will help the body get rid of harmful substances, it will contribute to the immunity boost, and sometimes you can even lose some weight.

The detox in practice

Detox courses have many forms – you will come across a short-term fasting, radical diets or even gastric or intestinal lavage. We prefer a gentler approach and recommend you to enable the body to have some relaxation together with adding important substances. These are vitamins and mineral substances, which were missing in the meals eaten during holidays, and also herbal extracts, which help the body with the detoxification.

Through the detoxification, the body gets rid of harmful substances, which stay inside and can damage our health and also various body functions. Of course our organism has self-cleaning capacity, which is provided mainly by liver and kidneys, but it also needs our help. For example simple meals, eating more fruits and vegetable, drinking enough quality water, exercise, but also having enough time for meals and relaxation. All this can help during the detoxification, as well as different active ingredients and herbs.


What can we use for the body detox?

Milk thistle 

This herb is connected with liver, because it contributes to its correct functioning; internet encyclopedia Wikipedia speaks about „beneficial effects on the liver“. The truth is that milk thistle also helps with healthy digestion and thus it belongs for centuries to herbs, which are very suitable for detoxification. Milk thistle moreover helps to the maintenance of natural sugar level in the blood and it is significant for the correct heart function. It also contributes to the natural immunity of the organism. And there is nothing simpler than to take it in the form of effervescent tablets, which means in the form of a very tasty drink, which moreover enriches the needed drinking regime during the body detox. 150 mg of milk thistle extract can be found for example in effervescent tablets Revital liver detox, or in the form of swallowable tablets in MaxiVita liver detox.

Aloe vera

This herb is very well known all over the world and it is used in the traditional medicine. It is important for the body detox, because it simplifies detoxificational processes in the human organism and it has a positive effect on the digestion. It also has antioxidative effects, which means, that it fights against free radicals, which can be harmful to the cells. It also strengthens the immunity of the organism. You can have it, similarly as milk thistle, in the form of a tasty drink, thanks to effervescent tablets with a content of beneficial fibre.  Revital Body Detox contains 150 mg of the extract and MaxiVita Aloe vera contains also the extract from milk thistle.


Also this freshwater algae helps with the detoxification of the body. Chlorella pyrenoidosa is valued for its positive effect on the functioning of the liver, which is an important organ eliminating harmful substances from the body.  Chlorella is one of the richest sources of vitamins, mineral substances, essential amino acids, unsaturated acids and carotenoids. Chlorella helps eliminate harmful substances from the organism, it helps strengthen the immunity of the organism and has a positive effect on the digestive system. Similar positive effects has also lucerne, called alfalfa. You can find extracts from these two herbs in our product MaxiVita Detox Chlorella or in MaxiVita Chlorella + alfalfa.


Not everyone is aware, when they look at this herb, that it is a medicinal herb.  Its leaves contain many mineral substances and vitamins, for example magnesium, carotenoids, flavonoids or B-group vitamins. Nettle also supports the blood creation thanks to the content of iron, it refreshes the organism and has an influence on the correct functioning of kidneys, through which it helps with body detox. Iron moreover reduces the tiredness and fatigue. Therefore you can find just these two substances, which are perfect for the detoxification, in our product MaxiVita Herbal Syrup Iron + nettle.

And what about other New Year tips for your health? We will offer them next week!