Vitar Vaseline


Vitar Vaseline

Extra soft white vaseline. For skin softening.
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Vaseline protects face and hands in the unfavorable weather and cold, it protects the skin at staying in swimming pool or sauna, it protects the hands when working with oils and smear. It is suitable also for children’s skin. It helps to treat the skin at small burn or attrition, it helps to treat dry, rough and chapped places on the skin. It removes make-up fast and gently. It protects against harmful influences of environment.

  • dermatologically tested
  • pharmacopoeia quality
  • no fragrance
  • with vitamin E (antioxidant)
  • suitable for sensitive and children skin


  • White vaseline in pharmacopoeia quality
  • Vitamin E


Packaging: 1000 g

Licences and recommendation: Registered by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic as a food supplement.