Maxi Vita Energy Power stick pack

  • Maxi Vita Energy Power

Maxi Vita Energy Power stick pack

Tastes like an energy drink. Mixed fruits flavour.
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Form: Powder
Quantity: 16 sachets

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Maxi Vita® Energy Power is a modern food supplement in a practical one-use sticks that allow highly convenient use without the necessity of drinking it down. The active substances are more absorbable for the body, with a faster onset of action.
Maxi Vita® Energy Power contains natural extracts of ginseng and guarana, which have a positive effect on physical and mental vitality, reduce fatigue and exhaustion and support the immune system.
Food supplement – powder mixture containing natural extracts, magnesium and vitamins. With sweeteners.


Active ingredients

in 1 sachet and % RI*


20 mg


20 mg

ginseng extract (Panax ginseng)

20 mg

guarana extract (Paulinia cupana)

(caffeine 10 %)

20 mg

(2 mg)


25 µg (50 %)

vitamin B1

0,55 mg (50 %)

vitamin B2

0,7 mg (50 %)

vitamin B6

0,7 mg (50 %)

vitamin B12

1,25 µg (50 %)


8 mg (50 %)

pantothenic acid

3 mg (50 %)

folic acid

100 µg (50 %)

vitamin C

40 mg (50 %)

vitamin E

6 mg (50 %)


75 mg (20 %)

* RI - reference intakes


Recommended dosage: Adults 1 sachet daily. Empty the content of one sachet into your mouth, let dissolve slowly and swallow. Not suitable for children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. This product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.

Quantity: 12 sachets