Maxi Vita Exclusive Joint Nourishment

Maxi Vita Exclusive Joint Nourishment


Maxi Vita Exclusive Joint Nourishment

Treatment for your joints
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Form: Powder
Quantity: 20 sachets

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The condition of the human musculoskeletal system is affected every day by not only a sedentary lifestyle, but also sport-based people on the contrary, by its overload. Important parts of the musculoskeletal system include muscles, tendons and joints. We should take care of them long before we feel the first signs of attrition.

Maxi Vita Exclusive Joint Nourishment offers a combination of active ingredients, each of which can be significantly beneficial to the musculoskeletal system.
Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphates are natural parts of the joint cartilages. With rising age the ability of the organism to synthesize these substances decreases, therefore it is suitable to add them into the organism. The basic building mass of all connective tissues is collagen. Very important for its synthesis is vitamin C, which participates in the metabolism of amino acids. It is necessary for the structure of cartilage, it supports their normal function and thus contributes even to the functioning of joints. A significant part of this product is an extract from a plant called Boswellia serrata, which helps, thanks to contained ingredients, to keep joints in a good state.

Ingredient (vitamin C) contributes to:

  • Normal formation of collagen for normal functioning of cartilage
  • Decrease of tiredness and exhaustion
  • Normal functioning of the immune system
  • Protection against oxidative stress

Food supplement – soluble mixture with glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, collagen, Boswellin® and vitamin C. Without added sugar. Suitable for diabetics.


Active ingredients

in 1 sachet (200 ml of drink) % RI*

Glucosamine sulphate

500 mg

Chondroitin sulphate

100 mg


100 mg


50 mg

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)

20 mg (25 %)

Average nutritive value

in 1 sachet

Energy value

8,21 kJ (1,96 kcal)

* Reference intake


Recommended dosage: adults and children over 15 years 1 sachet daily after a meal. Dissolve a content of one sachet in 200 ml of water. Not suitable for children under 15 years. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. This product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

Quantity: 20 sachets

Licences and recommendation: Decision of the Ministry of Health of the CzR.