VITAR Calcium - Magnesium - Zinc + Vitamins D3 and K1

VITAR Calcium - Magnesium - Zinc + Vitamins D3 and K1


VITAR Calcium - Magnesium - Zinc + Vitamins D3 and K1

For your bones and teeth.
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Quantity: 150 tablets

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This product contains minerals and vitamins providing prevention against osteoporosis (bone thinning), effectively supporting bone growth during adolescence and is suitable for use during illness and reconvalescence, namely after accidents and fractures. Calcium is the basic building element in bones and teeth. Magnesium supports the absorption of calcium in the body. Zinc acts against osteoporosis, contributes to wound healing and decreases the depositing of cholesterol, thus preventing arteriosclerosis. It has positive effects on the quality of the skin, hair and nails as well as in preventing acne. Vitamin D3 is necessary for keeping a balance of minerals, influences absorption of calcium in the small intestine and thus also a mineralisation and/or demineralisation of bones. Vitamin K1 plays an important role in the metabolism of calcium, in depositing the calcium into the bone structure.

Food supplement - without added sugar. With sweetener. Suitable also for diabetics.


Active ingredients in 1 tablet and % RI*
Calcium320 mg (40 %)
Magnesium100 mg (26,7 %)
Zinc8,5 mg (85 %)
Vitamin D35 µg (100%)
Vitamin K145 µg (60 %)

*RI - reference intake


Recommended dosage: Adults 1-2 tablets daily after a meal, drink down with enough water. Not suitable for children.

150 tablets

Licences and recommendation: Registered by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic as a food supplement.