Vitar Rehydration Active + probiotics

Vitar Rehydration Active + probiotics

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Vitar Rehydration Active + probiotics

  • hydration of the organism
  • harmony of intestinal microflora
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Form: Powder

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During excessive sun exposure, increased physical exertion, sports or changes in eating habits while travelling, the amount of fluid in the body may decrease. In this case, it is advisable to ensure a sufficient supply of liquids in the form of a drink with a balanced mineral content.
Vitar Rehydration Active, a powdery mixture packed in practical disposable sachets, is intended for the preparation of a hypotonic drink containing ions, glucose and 2 probiotic strains LactoSpore®. This strain, thanks to its thermostability and resistance to acidic environments, passes through the digestive tract to the intestines where it can enrich the intestinal microflora.


Molar composition of the drink

in 1 sachet / in 150 ml of drink

in 1 l of drink

sodium (Na+)

9,0 mmol

59,40 mmol

potassium (K+)

3,0 mmol

19,98 mmol

chlorides (Cl-)

6,6 mmol

43,95 mmol


3,0 mmol

19,98 mmol


12,6 mmol

83,91 mmol


Recommended daily dosage: dissolve 1 sachet in 150 ml of water. Children aged 6 to 12 years 1 sachet daily. Adults 1 to 2 sachets daily in case of increased fluid loss in the body. Osmolality of the drink prepared as recommended is 240 – 250 mOsm/kg. Not intended for children under 6 years.