Vitar Veterinae DentON


Vitar Veterinae DentON

This product is very beneficial for the health of teeth and gums.
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Form: Powder
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Reduction of tooth plaque and tartar

Natural product NOMAAD DE-PLAGUE contains Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed which significantly helps reduce tooth plaque and tartar, also decreases bad breath smell of dogs and cats.

Preparation acts right in the digestive tract of the animal, from where it subsequently gets into the bloodstream then into saliva and that affects teeth and gums very effectively.

It greatly affects the ability to capture bacteria causing tooth plaque and softens existing tartar, which usually falls away or is removable very easily.

The product does not contain artificial dyes, gluten, sugar. Without genetic modifications.


Active ingredientsIn 400 mg (measuring cup)
Ascophyllum nodosum 400mg


Recommended dosage:

  • 400 mg – 1 measuring cup (included in the package)

Daily dosage:

  • Small breeds of dogs to 10kg and cats – ½ of a measuring cup
  • Dogs from 10 kg to 25 kg – 1 measuring cup
  • Dogs from 25 kg – 2 measuring cups

Method of use: Once a day mix with common diet of your animal. Use this product regularly. If the results do not appear within 4-8 weeks double the daily dosage.

Storage: Store in a cool and dark place in an original packaging.

Veterinary product is approved by ÚSKVBL under the code: 063/15 – C