Irbis Chicory

Irbis Chicory

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Irbis Chicory

Sweetens as one teaspoon of sugar

The taste you will love

  • high content of fibre
  • dissolves easily
  • reduced energy value
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Form: Powder

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Irbis Chicory is a powder sweetener of natural origin gained from leaves of the plant Stevia supplemented with soluble fibre from chicory root. It is suitable for enriching the diet with fibre as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Steviol glycosides belong among modern sweeteners, they are gained by extraction from leaves of the plant Stevia.

Fibre from chicory (inulin) passes through the digestive tract in almost unchanged form. It only works in the large intestine, where it becomes a substrate (nourishment) for the intestinal microflora which is important for the human organism. Daily intake of 12 g of inulin favourably affects the proper activity of the intestines – contributes to the regular bowel movements.

It is suitable for direct sweetening of hot and cold drinks, flavouring of dishes (yoghurts, puddings, porridges, smoothie, etc.)


Nutritional values


100 g / 1 teaspoon (3,4 g)

  1 teaspoon (3,4 g)


841 kJ (209 kcal) / 29 kJ (7 kcal)

29 kJ (7 kcal)


0 g / 0 g

0 g

– saturated fatty acids

0 g / 0 g

0 g


98 g / 3,3 g

3,3 g

– sugars

6,7 g / 0,2 g

0,2 g


91 g / 3,1 g

3,1 g


0 g / 0 g

0 g


0 g / 0 g

0 g


Recommended daily dosage: maximum 3 – 4 spoons per day.