Irbis Sucralose with chromium - dispenser

Irbis Sucralose with chromium - dispenser


Irbis Sucralose with chromium - dispenser

1 tablet of sweetener sweetens as much as 1 sugar cube
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Form: Tablets
Quantity: 110 tablets

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Low-calorie sweeteners based on sucralose

Made of sugar. Tastes like sugar, but it is not sugar.

  • quality substitute for sugar
  • sweeteners of a new generation
  • do not cause dental caries
  • suitable for reduction diet
  • ideal for baking and cooking

What is sucralose?
Sucralose is a new low-calorie sweetener used in various products from beverages to baked products. It is about 600 times sweeter than sugar, but due to the fact that it is not metabolised in the human body, it does not supply any calories.

Tastes like sugar
Sucralose is made of sugar and it tastes like sugar. When consuming food or beverages sweetened with sucralose, the consumer does not register any unpleasant aftertaste. The start of the sweet taste after ingestion is quick and very enjoyable.

Stable at high temperatures
Sucralose is very stable and retains its sweetness even at high temperatures, which makes it ideal for cooking, baking, preserving and pasteurisation.

Suitable for diabetics
Sweeteners based on sucralose have no effect on glucose utilization, carbohydrate metabolism, insulin secretion or absorption of glucose and fructose, they are therefore suitable for inclusion in the diet of people sick with diabetes type 1 and 2.

IRBIS sucralose with chromium, dispenser

110 tablets

1 tablet of sweetener sweetens as much as 1 sugar cube.

  • tablet form in dispenser
  • containing chromium for maintaining the normal level of glucose in the blood
  • practical protection against devaluation
  • elegant packaging for travelling and in society
  • easy to use
  • suitable for reducing diet
  • highly stable sweetener made of sugar
  • less calories
  • dissolves in hot and cold drinks


Nutrient values

1 tablet

Energy value

1,3 kJ (0,3 kcal)


0 g

– of which saturated

0 g


74 mg

– of which sugars

74 mg


4,3 mg


0 g


3 µg (7,5 %)*

*nutrient reference value


1 tablet of sweetener sweetens as much as 1 sugar cube.