Irbis Stevia (powder mixture)


Irbis Stevia (powder mixture)

Pečte, vařte, zavařujte nebo připravujte nápoje se sypkým sladidlem ze stévie a fruktózy. Jedna lžička osladí stejně jako 4 lžičky cukru, al o 82 % méně kaloricky.
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Form: Powder
Quantity: 250 g

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With sweeteners from Stevia plant. Taste which you will love. 

Table sweetener in the form of powder based on steviol glycosides and fructose.

Temperature stable – this sweetener is ideal for baking, cooking and also preserving. 

Excellently soluble - it is suitable also for sweetening of hot and cold drinks, fruit and vegetable salads, cream filling, yoghurts, desserts, etc. 

Suitable for diabetics and also for weight loss diets. 

Pure sweet taste thanks to patented method of production. 


 Nutritional values

in 100 g

in 1 spoon (4,2 g)


1683 kJ
(396 kcal)

71 kJ
(17 kcal)


0 g

0 g

– of which saturated fatty acids 

0 g

0 g


99 g

4,15 g

– of which sugars

98 g

4,10 g


0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g


1 spoon is equivalent to 4 spoons of sugar, but has 82 % less calories.